The Discovery Series has united over 300+ artists / bands from over 60 countries, in all styles of music, all quality levels, every Friday. This weekly web series features in depth reviews in subtitle format with down to the second details of your songs along with your name, logo, social media & audio links, region & location for viewers to buy your music, merch and follow you. Season 2 will be returning in late 2016. Season 2 of The Discovery Series will be sponsored by Red Dragon Guitars. This new season will offer bands and artist more incentives and fun giveaways.



Each artist / band may use The Discovery Series song synopsis, review comments and full review for your promotions, marketing of your band / project.


Send in your Discovery requests to


2. Title the email ( Name of Band / Project with Discovery Request in the title.


Each artist / band must submit written permission to review / preview / promote / share your music in The Discovery Series.


1. Your best track in mp3 or wav
2. Band / artist name and logo in png if possible.
3. Band / artist links to all social media / audio sites
4. Band / artist location


I do not require any band or artist to pay a fee to be on the show. If you appreciate the time and effort I put into your review after you have been featured. I do accept donations through Fan Funding on Youtube or through Paypal to


After your review is a part of the show. I would truly appreciate any member of your band / project to post a review of your experience on the show at


1. There are no hidden fees to be a part of the show and all the features it provides.


2. Due to the extensive work on compiling, reviewing, featuring bands information / promotional materials, shooting video introductions for each Episode I enable commercial / ads on You Tube. If you the artist / band appreciate the hard work, time, effort I put into the show I accept donations made through Fan Funding / Paypal Donations on the channel home page.


3. All music featured on the show is NOT AVAILABLE for download. All music including the reviews / promotional materials are STREAMING ONLY.


4. All viewers are directed to you the creator, music artist for them to buy your music, merch, etc.


5. The Discovery Series is an opportunity for promotional / marketing / review materials that the band / artist may use. (Each artist / band may use the song synopsis, review comments for their own personal use to promote their band / project. )


6. I will send you the artist / band confirmation of the requested information and the permissions letter of approval. If you are still interested I would need this completed to be on the show.