(The more details and information you can provide the cheaper / better your rate will be for your music production)
    Please provide all information such as

1. Who will do the instrumentation ? This will cost you much less if you do them yourself.

2. Do you need RRMS to provide you with instrumentation. If so what instruments do you need?

3. Do you have a solid outline to your songs / music ? The more prepared you are the lower the cost of the production.

4. Do you have only lyrics?

5. Do you need RRMS to create music for your song ?

6. Do you already have your own beats / music?


  • $50 per hour. $50 per hour is for recording, preliminary mixing only.
  • $50 per song for RRMS to compose, arrange, apply instrumentation using (guitar, bass, synths, etc)
  • $50 – $75 per song for drum programming. Difficulty / Depth Levels are at the higher rate. This will be decided upon when songs are prepared prior to the recording session.
  • $50 – $75 per song for home made in house beats.


  • All artists booking at RRMS must pay a $50 deposit. This deposit will go towards your total recording / mixing / mastering cost. This can be paid through PayPal to


  • Editing, Mixing, Mastering and Production is a flat rate of $75 per song. Upon review if any changes are to be made by the artist. Out of respect to the artist’s payment for mixing/editing/production. I will honor any changes that are requested.
  • If you need RRMS to create or arrange music on the fly. I have over 15 years experience in songwriting, arranging and composing. If you are unsure of what I can do. You can always ask me for a demo of what I can do during your session to get a sample of what I can do for your original music and ideas. I specialize in guitar, bass, and midi guitar/synth. I also have 2 drummers on call for playing live drums to your tracks for rates of $25 to $40 per song depending on difficulty level of the song.


  • If you want to make beats in house here at RRMS, come with something similar to what your looking for as it gives me a good basis for what you want. Some artists have created beats in less than 30 mins here at the studio when they had reference beats/music.


  • Here at RRMS you or your band will also benefit from my extended reach into the music community by my promotions of your music on my website, social networks, venues, media, etc. RRMS would like to feature your choice sections of the recording following the recording process at the appropriate times as requested by the band. RRMS will not release anything until the band gives the notification it is ok to do so. RRMS also features monthly showcases at local venues to promote your music and the studio. If you are intersted please speak with Ryan about getting your band setup with other artists at RRMS to get a show for you.


  • Overnight accomodations are available for all artists/bands recording at RRMS for $35 per night. Free wifi, full fridge, microwave, 1 Full Size Bed, 2 Twins, 1 Full Air Bed, 7.1 HD Home Theater System with all the latest gaming systems are available at the studio.


  • To book for a full weekend/multiple night stay your band must record a minimum of 4 songs or more. If your a single artist to book for a full weekend/multiple night stay you must be booked for 4 hours or more.


  • RRMS is within walking distance of local restaurants/grocery store. We are located in the center of Lewisville, NC at 6410 Shallowford Road. We have easy access for your band to load in your equipment.


  • I always ask artists/bands to use my RRMS logo and promote the studio on their recordings, banners, social networks, etc. I truly appreciate any type of promotion the bands can give to the studio.


  • I offer discounts to artists for referrals so do not hesitate to share your experience with others to come to record at RRMS. I appreciate you as a client and encourage sharing your experience.


  • No friends, no drugs, no alcohol, period. Please clean up all your belongings, instruments and any trash left in the facility after using.


  • The total amount of songs recorded at the rate of $50 per hour will be paid after the recording process is complete. The total amount of RRMS instrumentation, composing, arranging at the rate of $50 per song will be paid after the recording process is complete.


  • Drum Programming / In House Beats must be estimated prior to the recording process. Once finalized the rate for drum programming must be paid upon completion of the recording process.


  • All payments must be made upon completion of the recording process.  Per Hour Rate of $50 is due upon completion of the recording process. Mixing/editing/production fee of $75 per song that is accumulated must be made upon completion of the recording process.  Instrumentation, Beat Arrangements, Composing Fees are due upon completion of the recording process.


  • Ryan Reedy Music accepts cash, check or Paypal. Paypal payments can be sent to