At RRMS you get the most detailed in depth reviews available anywhere in the world with custom music video reviews of your songs, album, EP, with subtitle reviews during the playback of your tracks. Each song features a song synopsis, full review comments to be used for marketing / promotions on your social media, web sites and You Tube channels.


Requests can be made to featured on The Discovery Series ( Season 2 ) returning in late 2016.  This weekly music review series has featured 300+ artists / bands from over 60 countries, in all styles of music, all quality levels. Each episode features your band / project name, logo, social media & audio links, region & location for viewers to buy your music, merch and follow you.


  • $10 Per Song
  • Send in your Review requests to
  • Label the email Name of Band / Project and The Discovery Request.
  • Each artist / band must submit written permission to review / preview / promote / share your music in RRMS The Discovery Series Season 2.


Please send in the following details for RRMS to compile the proper information for your music / video review


1. Each track in mp3 or wav
2. Band / artist name and logo in png if possible.
3. Band / artist links to all social media / audio sites
4. Band / artist location



  • All music featured on the The Discovery Series is NOT AVAILABLE for download. All music including the reviews / promotional materials are STREAMING ONLY.
  • All viewers are directed to you the creator, music artist for them to buy your music, merch, etc.


The Discovery Series is an opportunity for bands / artists from all over the world to share their reviews with each other.  (Each artist / band may use the The Discovery Series for their own personal use to promote their band / project.)  PLEASE CHECK OUT THE DISCOVERY SERIES BELOW