• My current rate is $250 US Dollars for (1 instrument ) or $325 US Dollars for (2 instrument) for features up to 5-7 minutes in length. ¬†All makers may choose from the following options / features including¬†intro, outro, instrument demonstration, tone demonstration, photography, videography (multi angles) of the instrument, scrolling ad / web links.


  • Preparation time is approx 6-10 hours per video.


  • Turnaround is approx 1 week for 2 instrument video features. All instruments are shipped upon completion of the videos.


  • Each video feature includes brand new photography, videography (multiple angles / instrument panning), instrument demonstrations using original / customized music, tonal demonstrations, personal introduction to the instrument, synopsis / closing comments, custom art, as well spec sheets, social media, website links to be featured in the video.


  • I personally write, record, produce all of the music demonstrations for each instrument ad. You may choose from a wide variety of musical genres to emphasize each guitar / bass strengths such as leads, rhythms, clean, distortion, playing styles, etc. I will honor requests such as pickup selection, tonal variety and more.


  • After the production is complete for each instrument ad you will be sent an RRMS approved review. As my reputation precedes me, you will receive a quality, professional product that I am personally proud to release back to you. If there any personal changes / preferences that must be made they will be subject to my hourly rate of $50 per hour.



  • Payment is made upon completion of the video review. Payments can be made through paypal to


  • Shipping is handled by the respective maker. Instruments are shipped to Ryan Reedy Music Studios 155 Esso Lane, Lewisville, NC, 27023


  • All featured instruments will be shipped / returned upon completion of the videos unless otherwise instructed by the makers.


  • Ryan Reedy Music Studios is here to offer a service to you and not to disrespect your craft by requesting free instruments. I would gladly endorse & sponsor your instruments through my social media sites, studio, music, bands or trade instruments for services only at the maker’s request.


  • Please contact RRMS for tracking information to make sure your craftsmanship is going into the proper hands.


  • RRMS handles all aspects of multimedia design, music, video, photography and instrument demonstrations of your product. If interested I also offer web design, innovative marketing & promotional techniques, custom logos and more.


  • If requested I can host your custom feature ad through RRMS Social Media / Official Youtube Channel.


  • All makers must notify RRMS so the proper ads can be inserted in video features as well. RRMS Channels / Social Media will expand your promotional reach by 15k as I will promote on my personal & business pages.





  • 1. Name of Guitar, Maker, Model etc.
  • 2. Social Media, Website Links
  • 3. Logo in PNG or Jpeg format
  • 4. Spec Sheet for each instrument featured.
  • 5. Song Styles / Choices 6. Backstory, Bio, History, etc.

I hope this answers all your questions, concerns. Please contact me for any other questions you might have. I will gladly work with you on anything I can. I look forward to featuring some your amazing instruments.

Sincerely Ryan Reedy




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