RRMS : Ryan Reedy Music Studios / Productions is an internationally recognized multi-media production studio that offers a vast array of music related services to a wide range of world class clients. RRMS has offered on site & internet services to clients for over 10 years. RRMS is located in Lewisville, North Carolina, USA.

Please read what RRMS clients have to say about their experiences here http://www.facebook.com/ryanreedymusicnc/reviews
Here is a list of clients and the services available through RRMS.
RRMS offers one of a kind music productions for artists such as Faith, multi layered progressive metal / rock which utilizes multiple distorted / clean basses and guitars with clean / lead / distorted layers in each song. Or Extinction Level Event, one of the worlds first all bass progressive metal bands with RRMS productions helping to create a new sound & metal sub genre dubbed “Clank”as featured in Metal Injection.
RRMS recordings have been featured in major publications such as Metal Hammer UK, Ultimate Guitar, The Guardian UK, Metal Injection, Gear Gods, Metal Sucks, Lambgoat and more.


RRMS offers recording, mixing, mastering, producing, composing, arranging services to both single artists and bands from a wide variety of styles and genres.
RRMS has been working behind the scenes for many years in marketing, promotions and PR related services for Faith, RRMS and Extinction Level Event. RRMS has worked with some of the top writers and publications in the metal music industry such as Metal Hammer UK, The Guardian, Metal Sucks, Gear Gods, Metal Injection, Ultimate Guitar and more.
RRMS has fully produced customized music / video ads for Red Dragon Guitars, one of 2016’s Top 100 Dealers of NAMM. These custom instrument ads feature some of the top guitar makers in the world such as Siggi Braun, Skervesen, Mayones, Blackat, Aristides, Sully, Learn, Charbonneau, Spanich, David Thomas McNaught and many others. Each ad is customized for RRMS clients to include in house photography, videography (multiple angles / instrument panning) , instrument demonstrations using original / customized music, tonal demonstrations, personal introduction to the instrument, synopsis / closing comments, custom art, as well spec sheets, social media, website links and more.


For over 10 years RRMS has offered on site lessons in Lewisville, NC, USA. Lessons range from guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals, music theory, song writing, to band / artist management, marketing, promotions, social media, etc. Former alumni of RRMS have went on to be a part of the music industry in a wide variety of jobs and music related careers.
All RRMS art, web design is produced in house at RRMS. Some of RRMS art & web design have been featured through other clients such as Red Dragon Guitars ( web design / maintenance ) , Villain Guitars ( logo manipulation, web design ) , Decision Guitars (web maintenance) , His Kingdom Suffers, Faith and more.
RRMS : Official YouTube Channel offers an entire portfolio of RRMS music & video productions featured in

The Faith Series : Featuring the latest musical creations from Ryan in FAITH, multi layered progressive metal / rock utlizing multiple basses and guitars.
The Nysiis Series : Features Ryan’s former band / project Nysiis featuring experimental concepts with progressive metal such as the What If series of videos like “What If Meshuggah Played Clean?” and the “Clean Metal” concept. Nysiis opened for many of the great metal bands of our time from Tesseract, Animals As Leaders, Chon, After The Burial, Carnifex, Betraying the Martyrs, Scale The Summit and many more.
The Music Redux Series : Features Ryan’s music reinterpretations over upcoming video games both fictional and real. This series has been featured in GameInformer for the now infamous Half Life 3 from Valve Software.
The Hype Train : Hyping new games from indie to AAA, from the obscure to mainstream as well as new systems, accessories, speculation & more hype than any gamer can handle. All aboard The Hype Train.
The Discovery Series Season 1: Featured in depth reviews / features for 300+ Independent bands & artists from over 60 countries in all styles of music., all levels of quality for each artist to market, promote, network and share each others music.
Band and Artist Feedback on The Discovery Series can be found in RRMS reviews here
The RRMS Lessons Series : With Ryan’s 15 years of teaching experience at Ryan Reedy Music Studios in Lewisville, North Carolina. This series feature lessons on guitar / bass technique, song writing, music theory and more.
The J Bruff Series : Updates from J. Bruff with the most important lessons on life.
The String Theory Series : Hosted by RRMS in association with Red Dragon Guitars featuring their exquisite inventory of custom, hand crafted guitars, gear, amps and more.