Please take time to read all of the details posted below.

Please go check out reviews and my portfolio before inquiring. It is important for you as a band to know my work and see what others say about RRMS
before looking into recording rates and rules.


  • $250 per song (average song length of 2-5 minutes maximum)  Songs exceeding 5 minutes or more pays an additional $75 per minute.
    The rate of $250 per song includes all set up time, recording, editing, pre-liminary and final mixing and production for RRMS to bring your song / songs to what is deemed a professional, RRMS worthy product.


  • Songs will be submitted back to you once I am confident as your producer / recording engineer that you will be completely satisfied as an RRMS recording band. Please read the reviews on the RRMS Official Facebook Business Page to see what others say about this process.


  • $50 per song for RRMS to supply instruments or to compose, arrange, apply instrumentation using (guitar, bass, synths, etc)


  • At RRMS we have 2 Session Drummers available for a rate of $25-50 per song depending on difficulty levels.


  • $50 – $75 for drum programming including midi imports, drum translation, drum replacement. Rate varies due to difficulty / depth required on the tracks.


  • $75 Deposit that goes towards your recording total for your band to book here at the studio.


  • Do not book unless you are ready to commit to the time, money, recording process here at the studio.


  • If your band reschedules the deposit will go towards your recording total.


  • If you do not show up or contact RRMS for rescheduling you will forfeit your deposit.


  1. Mixing/Editing/Producing your music is part of my job as your producer here at RRMS. Your music / songs become a representation of RRMS quality / product.
  2. Please let me know of any corrections, tweaks, panning, edits, recommendations to your songs during the initial recording process. This will ensure a quality product that you can be proud before leaving the studio.
  3. Any personal changes that you want made after RRMS has submitted the final product back to you for review is $50 per hour. For most bands/artists there normally is not much to change when I do my job correctly and professionally.


  • Band / Personal Changes / Mastering is $50 per hour. This includes personal EDITS the band might have after reviewing the mix reviews. PLEASE READ


  • All band members must agree on the final changes.


  • All members must come together as a band to go over the changes with RRMS either in person, skype, conference call with all members present. Please take a few days to let the songs sink in so you can judge them with a clear mind. Initial listens can change based upon repeated playthroughs, multiple sound sources etc. Any changes made must also be within reason to what the listener will actually notice.


  • All bands or band members are welcome to come in for final changes if they feel it is necessary. Please note that this time is charged per hour.


  • If any member of the band requests to re-record his or her parts, the band is required to pay the percentage of the recording total of $200 per song. For example if their are guitars / ass / drums and vocals. Each section is 25% of the total cost per song. That would be $63


  • Additionally there is a $50 per song fee for remixing / re-editing / re-rendering each of the songs. Edits are simple fixes that do not affect the total outcome of the production as nothing is changed. Re records are complete changes to the production of the song. Which result in re edits / re mixing / re- rendering and re-production work.


  • Overnight accomodations are available for all artists/bands recording at RRMS for $35 per night. Free wifi, full fridge, microwave, 1 Full Size Bed, 2 Twins, 1 Full Air Bed, 7.1 HD Home Theater System with all the latest gaming systems are available at the studio. RRMS is within walking distance of gas stations, local restaurants, grocery store. There is also easy access for your band to load in your equipment.


  • To book for a full weekend/multiple night stay your band must record a minimum of 4 songs or more. If your a single artist to book for a full weekend/multiple night stay you must be booked for 4 hours or more.


  • Final review or practice mixes for members of the band must agree to not release the song to the public in any fashion such as online, cd, duplication or file sharing until completion. This is a product that is released for review to members of the band to listen for any personal changes they would like RRMS to fix during final mix/mastering. If the song or songs are released before the final mix/master is complete the band will either forfeit the recording or pay a fee of an additional $100 per song. This rule is very important as it represents your bands recorded sound as well as RRMS quality of production. Premature release is bad for both parties.


  • Here at RRMS your band will also benefit from my extended reach into the music community by my promotions of your music on my website, RRMS Official Youtube Channel, The Discovery Series, social networks, venues, media, etc. RRMS would like to feature your choice sections of the recording following the recording process at the appropriate times as requested by the band. RRMS will not release anything until the band gives the notification it is ok to do so. RRMS also features monthly showcases at local venues to promote your music and the studio. If you are interested please speak with Ryan about getting your band setup with other artists at RRMS to get a show for you.


  • I always ask artists/bands to use my RRMS logo and promote the studio on their recordings, banners, social networks, etc. I truly appreciate any type of promotion the bands can give to the studio. Also for each band you refer that successfully records here at the studio I will reward you with percentage off the total price of your next session.


  • No friends, no drugs, no alcohol, period. Please clean up all your belongings, instruments and any trash left in the facility after using.


  • The total amount of songs recorded at the rate of $250 per song will be paid after the recording process is complete. The total amount of final changes and mastering at the rate of $50 per hour that is accumulated will be paid after the final mix master process is complete. The total amount of each night’s stay at the rate of $35 per night will be paid after the recording process is complete. Ryan Reedy Music accepts cash, check and PayPal payments.


  • Paypal payments are to be sent to


  • If the band/artist fails to complete the project, breaks up due to ill circumstances etc. The band/artists will forfeit the money paid and if they want to continue the project must start the whole payment process again as stated in the rates and rules. It is unfair to the producer to do work all over again due to problems that he is not a part of.
    If the band has a member drop from the recording process or requests to not be present on a recording after it is completed. RRMS has the right to replace the instrumentation with permission of the band to complete the process.