THE BAND & ARTIST FUTURE PREP CHECKLIST is a must have for any upcoming band / group in any genre of music ! ! !


Does your band or group need a vision for their musical future?


Do you need to find members who see and understand the vision for the band / group ?


From Ryan Reedy, owner of RRMS : Ryan Reedy Music Studios / Productions / Lessons for over 10 years, writer & producer of FAITH, comes a simple, effective checklist for all upcoming bands, artists of any genre to guide them in the steps towards a successful future in the music industry.




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Use it in a checklist manner to progress through the 11 page document from the member stage, early stages to self sufficient stages of your band or group. Here are what others have to say about The Band & Artist Future Prep Checklist


From Bryon Nelson – “Great material for anyone working towards group projects in their art. A checklist format definitely makes the material quicker to access. Great for addressing the question that one could easily forget to ask. To often people go into a project and fund out much later that their were vital questions that should have been asked onceits too late…this helps to put an end to that and make the art/music production much more productive and less painful!!! ”


From Bnar Aziz – “It was as the stars say, Excellent. Well written and composed. fully detailed and it meets all the needs for people who are just starting out to bands who have been doing this for quite some time. All you need to know comprised and condensed into this document. Thanks Ryan, such a true legend! “